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GIS - Entry level

Course Overview

This course gives you a very gentle but concise introduction to the rudiments of Geographic Information Systems - (GIS). It covers the building blocks that are essential for an in-depth learning. You will also be fully exposed to the practical applications of GIS using ArcGIS 10.x software from ESRI.

Practical GIS Training

Target Audience

In view of the multi-disciplinary nature of GIS, everyone regardless of their academic background can learn to make use of a GIS. It may be helpful to reaffirm that GIS is NOT just for people who studied Geography in school, it is one of the fastest growing fields of learning today, with huge prospects.

Things you should know before registering for this course

1. General knowledge of computing and ability to make use of a computer system
2. A working knowledge of Databases would be of added advantage, although not absolutely required.

Course Contents

a. Introduction, Concepts, Components and Application Areas of GIS
b. Raster and Vector Datatypes
c. Working with ArcGIS 10.x
d. Intro. to Geodatabase Design & Mgt.
e. Basic Mapping functions - Georeferencing, Digitizing, Map topology, etc.
f. Basic Geoprocessing functions - Extract, Overlay, Proximity, etc.
g. Map publishing
h. Intro. to Remote Sensing,
i. other topics of interest

Additional Course Details

Duration: 45 Hours
Cost: NGN 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira) only - covers tuition and course materials only.
Other Considerations: Register this course and get up to 30% discount on other courses. You could also get SQL Training FREE. T & C's Apply.