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Embedded C/C++

Course Overview

In the world of programming electronic devices and embedded (or intelligent systems), C - language is still king. This training exposes you to the rudiments and advanced knowledge for programming micro-controllers, working with development boards, creating circuits that control system hardware and more using Embedded C language. You would also be exposed to real world practical applications.

Embedded C

Target Audience

Individuals already exposed to general computer programming and are keen on learning how to write low level programs that control hardware. People also seeking to learn about robotics and design of automated systems should strongly consider taking this training.

Things you should know before registering for this course

1. General programming skills
2. A practical understanding and working knowledge of electronics

Course Contents (overview)

a. Algorithms
b. Overview of micro-controllers
c. Programming overview
d. Intro. to Embedded C
e. Working with micro-controllers
f. Printing codes on micro-controllers
g. Project work

Additional Course Details

Duration: 40 Hours
Cost: NGN 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) only - covers tuition and course materials only.
Other Considerations:
10% Discount for Early Registration. T & C's Apply.