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T & C's
  1. Pricing options
    1. Regular price – the cost of each training as it appears within each of the course details.
    2. Special price – the cost of a training that is applicable to students who will have their course schedules fixed at any time that suits them best. Students on special pricing may also have one-on-one training class if necessary. Special prices are higher than regular prices.
    3. Promo price – an amount different both regular and special price. Promo prices are generally lesser than special or regular prices. They aren’t fixed but vary depending on exactly which promos are on offer.

      KRC reserves the right to determine the actual amount that constitutes special, regular or promo prices at any given point in time with or without any prior notice to any student. As such, it is not guaranteed that the advertised price may always be the applicable price. To avoid any inconveniences price fluctuations may cause, prospective students are encouraged to register and pay for their course(s) in good time.

  2. Quality of training

    the quality of training, course content and all that relates to each training remains guaranteed and of top class standard to all course delegates (i.e. students) regardless of whichever type of pricing they are on. KRC reserves the right to have students on regular, promo or special pricing in the same class for any training course, if necessary.

  1. Scheduling courses
  1. The priority for scheduling a class shall first be given to students on Special pricing followed after by those on Regular pricing and then those on the Promo pricing.
  2. It is the responsibility and obligation of student to make all necessary arrangements to attend the course(s) they have registered for as scheduled by KRC.
  3. KRC shall make every necessary efforts to consider and respect students indicated preferences and convenience when scheduling classes. However, due to the sometimes conflicting nature of students’ preferences, KRC reserves the right to determine the schedule of training for all courses as best as would serve the interest of KRC and/or the majority of students registered for the same class.
  4. It is in recognition of the above, in situations where a schedule is considered unfavourable to a student, the student may consider any of the following options if on promo pricing;

    1. Re-schedule their attendance to the next available and convenient date to them, for the same course or other course(s) of interest that are on a similar price or re-priced as negotiated.
    2. Opt for the special pricing option, in which case, a personal class may be arranged for the student if available.
    3. Nominate a friend, relative or acquaintance who meets the pre-requisites for the same course and would be available to attend the same course as a replacement for themselves. In this situation, certificates shall be issued in favour of the course attendee and not the person who may have paid for the training.

4. Other matters

KRC reserves the right to determine other matters possibly not stated here as fairly as possible in line with existing policies affecting student enrolments and course scheduling.